Faster, better, fairer

Our new tech makes the old pricing obsolete

Country Launch date
United Kingdom July 2016
Germany August 2016
Austria August 2016
Netherlands September 2016
Switzerland November 2016
Ireland November 2016
Poland January 2017
Belgium February 2017
Bulgaria February 2017
Slovenia February 2017
Latvia March 2017
Estonia March 2017
Lithuania March 2017
Portugal June 2017
Slovakia June 2017
Croatia September 2017
Luxembourg September 2017
France Coming 2017
No extra charges for HD (all files are the same to us).
No extra charges for VoD or online (all destinations are the same to us).
No extra charges for express (yes, we’re that fast).

Too good to be true?

Not really.

Better technology makes what we do faster and more affordable so there’s no reason to charge for extras anymore.

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