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We work with some of the world’s best producers, creative agencies, post houses and broadcasters. Here’s what they say.

  • Sky
  • Wieden+Kennedy
  • ITV
  • Karmarama
  • Splash
  • Hogarth
  • Viacom
  • AO.com
  • Zebra Worldwide
  • Channel 4
  • Big Al’s Creative Emporium
  • Prodigious
  • You have me forever.

    Smooth as butter. You have me forever.

    Wojciech Duczmal, Head of Production, Hoot Comedy

  • We really, REALLY like Honeycomb

    Just wanted to say we played out a Barclaycard master yesterday with you guys and I have to say we really, REALLY like Honeycomb. Smooth as silk and ultra responsive.

    Hani AlYousif, Founder & VFX Supervisor, Filament Post Production

  • So much experience

    This partnership was no big leap of faith for us. We had worked with the Honeycomb guys when they were at Adstream and their team is one of the best in the business. With so much experience behind them, we trusted them from the outset and they exceeded our expectations.

    Danielle, Wieden+Kennedy

  • We love it!

    Honeycomb lets us create orders incredibly quickly. The job is done in minutes, so over the course of each project Honeycomb saves us hours of work. We love it!

    The Telly Traffic Team

  • Groundbreaking technology

    Honeycomb is great. The technology is groundbreaking, I can deliver commercials via my mobile! Most importantly are the cost savings: it means more money to go on screen!

    Sam Myers, Freelance Senior Producer, The Directoree

  • Ridiculously easy

    Honeycomb is a game changer. It’s dramatically sped up my whole delivery process - uploads are ridiculously easy & quick, the QC is great, deliveries are fast and the interface is a pleasure to use. Also, there aren’t any painful surprise charges for HD or VOD. One less thing for a producer to worry about!

    Amy Sherwin, Producer, Bow&Arrows

  • Honeycomb Rocks!

    I had a project that had taken 6 weeks to clear. Both the client and I were getting prickly. The campaign had been put back two weeks. Finally all was approved including the visuals. With a new deadline looming, the Clearcast notification arrived at 12.45 and the client was at lunch. By the time they were back at 13.30, the ad was delivered to four stations. No hassle and for less than the cost of one quoted express charge. Honeycomb Rocks!

    David Strelitz, DSVP

  • Stupidly easy

    Honeycomb has made broadcast delivery stupidly easy and at a fraction of the cost. A producer’s dream!

    Emma Kolasinska, Producer

  • Super helpful and über nice

    Honeycomb has been a godsend. Not only are they super helpful and über nice, but the system itself is very user friendly. Placing online orders is straightforward and painless, with an added benefit of a station finder, a small but handy tool. The tech support are beyond capable and experienced and have gone above and beyond whenever I have needed help. I’d highly recommend them.

    Bolder Creative

  • Only great things to say

    Our post house are huge fans, as are all of our PMs, and they’re all super happy about the interface and how easy it is to use — especially when compared to the system they used before. The pricing structure is fantastic for us and the client. Traffic teams at channels have only had great things to say about Honeycomb too. I’m glad we took the leap.

    Anthony Lynch, Senior Producer, The Moment

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